Amanda Cole


Amanda graduated in May 2013 with a BS in Marine Biology. She went to Utila, Honduras to get her PADI Divemaster Certification soon after graduation. In the upcoming year she will work as a Waterfront Intern for the School for Field Studies in the Turks and Caicos Islands. She will apply for graduate school and plans to pursue a Masters Degree after her year-long internship. Her interests include field and lab work involving conservation, especially concerning marine vertebrates. She and Dr. Shedlock are currently working on writing up a publishable manuscript of her Bachelors Essay research involving a forensic analysis of larval fish from the continental shelf of South Carolina. 

Lauren Fuess


Lauren is currently living in Kingston, Jamaica and working at the Discovery Bay Marine Lab on a US Fulbright Grant.  Her work focuses primarily on the effects of bauxite and heavy metal pollution on the expression of candidate immune genes in corals as well as baseline coral immunity.  In the fall of 2013 she will move to Arlington, Texas to join the Mydlarz lab at the University of Texas Arlington where she will pursue a PhD in Quantitative Biology.  Working in the Shedlock lab exposed Lauren to key techniques and concepts of molecular biology which she now uses in her research.


Katherine Gumps


In Fall of 2012, Katherine began her first year of the Neurobiology & Behavior PhD program at the University of Washington in Seattle. Her first rotation project involves studying behavior in mice with striatal GABA deficiency in the lab of Richard Palmiter, one of the founding pioneers of mouse transgenics. She will be performing two more rotations in different labs before she will choose a lab in which to conduct her dissertation project. Her interests center on epigenetics and learning how transcriptomes relate to variations in behaviors related to maladaptive psychiatric disorders. After graduate school, Katherine already has a postdoc waiting for her at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, a direct result of the NIH UGSP scholarship she was awarded in 2010 and 2011. One day, she would like to be certified as a Principle Investigator and run her own research lab. In the time she takes for herself outside of her graduate studies, she enjoys playing with her 4 month old daughter and dabbling in the arts.


Name: Taylor Jones
School: CofC
Hometown: Mt. Pleasant, SC
Major: Biology
Minor: Music
Hobbies: Playing guitar, snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking, playing golf, fishing, home brewing, woodworking, and playing frisbee with my dog and best friend Zoe.
If I could go anywhere for a day: If I only had one day to go somewhere, I think a trip to the moon would be a good choice!


Alex Medlin


Alex Medlin became a Clinical Research Coordinator at a local doctor's office in Charleston a month before she graduated from CofC. She discovered there that she loved clinical research because she got to be a part of something bigger. She got to participate in the process to approve drugs which will improve the future of medicine and help humans.  She decided to further her career in clinical research, so Alex is now in Raleigh, NC working for the world's largest Clinical Research Organization, Quintiles. She is a Clinical Trials Assistant, and she is working to further her career even more.