Name: Jennifer Newby
Year: Second year Graduate student
Focus: Master’s in Marine Biology
School: College of Charleston
Undergraduate studies: Truman State University
Undergraduate degrees: Biology, minor in Environmental Studies and French
Hometown: Ballwin, MO
Hobbies: Lacrosse, Running, Skiing, Surfing, Hiking/ Backpacking, Dancing,
Traveling, Reading, Field work :)
Thesis Research: Studying the population genetics and social structure of Spotted eagle rays (Aetobatus narinari) off the coast of Sarasota, FL.
Background: While spending my undergraduate years pursuing a major in Biology, I used my summers to explore field biology positions including a whale research internship in British Columbia and a dolphin photo-id position at Mote Marine Laboratory. My desire to pursue marine biology led to my move to Charleston, SC where I am now pursuing my Master’s degree on a Genomics Fellowship. More specifically, I am studying the genetic structure of A. narinari using microsatellite loci to estimate effective population size, potential sex-biased dispersal and relatedness among captured A. narinari. I also work part-time for Coastal Expeditions as a naturalist/ kayak guide sharing my love of coastal ecosystems and their inhabitants with a broader audience.